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Thacher - Thatcher Family Association

* Researching Descendants in the Boston and Yarmouth Branches *

Welcome to the Thacher - Thatcher Family Association

Thacher Island

The Thacher - Thatcher Family Association is a non-profit research and charitable organization dedicated to the gathering of genealogical information about the Thacher and Thatcher families from their first appearance in the new world.

The Thacher - Thatcher Family Association was organized by descendants of Antony Thacher and his nephew Thomas Thacher who came to America on the James in 1635.

It is the Association's wish to memorialize Antony and Thomas Thacher and to educate their descendants about their lives and the lives of their descendants to the present day. There are five known Thacher and Thatcher immigrations from 1635 to the 1900s.

We Welcome new members to help support our goals.

1680 Thacher House

While there is already considerable information on these families published in many forms, this Association is attempting to pull it all together and add new information as it is found and verified.

We also want to help those who are researching their Thacher - Thatcher family history and Mayflower Ancestry by providing look-up services from any of the research material in our library and pointing researchers to other information available elsewhere.

We are always looking for copies of photographs, ephemera, documents, stories, artifacts, books, genealogy information, etc. from any Thacher or Thatcher and related families.

Contact the Thacher-Thatcher Family Association at:  E-Mail Thacher-Thatcher Association

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